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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
2:15 am
This won't be my final blog
Even though this is my final, "required" blog, I will still keep updating my journal in the future. This was the first time I had steadily participated in a forum. I did enjoy the experience. What really interested me, was the vast amounts of topics covered. I get a bit annoyed with msn messenger at times. Times where all it is used for, is small talk. I like the fact that blogging is not about an extremely fast response. The fact that a comment will stay online for a while once you have posted it, makes that most people actually put some thought into what they are typing.

On another note, I have begun packing my things in my room. I am finally moving out of rez! My girlfriend and I, are getting ourselves an apartment in Dorval. Hopefully we'll find one soon. We do not have much time. We have to pack for our trip, find an apartment for July, and move from our current apartments. All this before the the 15th of May.

Then, on the 18th of May, we are off to a different world. It will take us approximately 16 hours (from Montreal) to get to Shanghai.
Trust me, I will take plenty of pictures. I am not the type to be obsessed with taking pictures. I prefer living in the moment, rather than always trying to catch it. But, being there two month, should allow me to take a considerate amount.

Let's just say, that I am currently clearing up my portable hard drive (250 gb) at the moment.
1:52 am
The countdown
Alright, I am now counting down the hours. I have just finished my flash project, so now, all that's left, is turning it in. It's over, finally! It seems like the end of the semester lengthens every year. Yet, every semester, I take even more steps to make sure that I don't have impossible, end of semester, tasks. But, yet again, this semester, I find myself rushing.

The end of the semester is what it's all about. It comes down to showing whether you can, or you can't. It's that simple. Every year, the bar is pushed up, but, we manage, we push ourselves more and more. Honestly I have no idea how people in such professions such as medicine, could study for 10 years or so. I guess some like to keep coming back for more. I enjoy learning, but I would say, I am more into learning in the real world. To me, what I learn, has to make sense. In some way or another, I have to be able to use this knowledge.

This is why I am debating whether I should go to university or not.
Would it lead me to where I want to go?
A person can achieve many things in four years.
Should I get an early start on my working life?
Or, would more school bring me more success.
I do know this, university does not mean automatic success.

How about you all?
Are you going?
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
2:36 pm
Freedom is near!
Seven school days. Seven days to freedom! Tough I am extremely happy to be finished with this school year, I found it was the most interesting one so far (in CEGEP). First year was to get a base knowledge as a graphic/print artist. What made second year so fun, was that we were actually given more freedom to customize. We spent more time discussing and sharing ideas, than sitting down and following the book's instructions. Sure, learning the base from the book is good, because it is precise information by creators of the software. But as your knowledge of the software progresses, I find the most effective and quick way to learn, is to interpret your knowledge and understanding of the softwares taught, to your teachers and coworkers, and theirs, to you. That is why second year of PDHT, to me, was the best one so far.

Honestly, in the first year, I had my doubts. I even considered switching programs, because I could not grasp what the purpose of our work would be, and if it would lead me anywhere promising. But now that we interact more with the teachers as a class, we learn more.
We learn things that can't possibly be written in a book, because by the time it would be published, it would be outdated.
We are finally learning the tools of the trade that could not be learned at home by reading a book.
It will only get better from here!
Third year will be exciting!

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
5:39 pm
A late update on my easter weekend
To begin with, I really think the easter long weekend is an essential break for students in cegep and university. It lets us cool off a bit; before intensely hitting the books in order to get ready for the final exams/projects.

So my weekend started off with a long drive back to my hometown. Well, some would consider a five and half hour drive to be long and some would not. My father had arrived at the Dorval airport around 8 pm, so my parents and I ended up getting out of Montreal at around 10 pm. With a long week filled with hard work, in their systems, my parents were debating whether we should stop at my grandparent's house (on the way), and just finish the drive off the following day. I attempted to convince them that I was able to drive the whole way. Finally, they decided they would drive until Mont-Laurier (2 hours from Montreal), and let me take over after. Don't get me wrong, I am not a rookie at driving, but the fact that I don't have a car to drive throughout most of the year, doesn't help. On top of it, the final trajectory that I was going to drive through, was a provincial park, with nothing but road and nature four about 2.5 hours. It was also well known for having many moose. Sure, there are not as many of them during spring as in the fall (hunting season), but, they still do come out frequently. My parents ended up passing out 10 minutes after I took the wheel. In no time, I was smoothly cruising on the road through the park's thick forest. After about an hour and a half, I began to feel a bit tired, but not drowsy. I usually wouldn't get tired in an hour and half, but keeping a constant sharp attention for moose (or any other animal) that could instantly jump out from the pitch black forest, wore me down just a bit. About half an hour later, the northern skies decided to give me a show. For about half an hour, the sky was lit up with light green northern lights, which reflected across the park's many lakes as I drove by. This phenomenon really kept me awake. By the time we got home, it was only 2:30 and we had arrived half an hour early. I had driven between 120 and 140 km, but smooth enough not to wake my parents. Especially my father; such a backseat driver!

In the end, the weekend turned out to be well worth the ride.
And the ride in itself, one of the many highlights of my weekend.
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
10:56 pm
Here's the site for one of the chocolate "cookies" he brought back. The company is German, but here's their international link:


The site is made in flash and is kept clean, colorful, and simple.
10:18 pm
Well, here here I am, Sunday night... I totally forgot to update my journal during the week. My head was somewhere else. Just this weekend, my buddy/roommate's brother arrived on saturday (from Germany), for a two week visit of good old Saint Anne de Bellevue. HA HA, yeah right. Actually, my roommate is here for a year to study at Abbott. His brother was debating on doing the same thing, so just to see what he was getting himself into, he came to visit.

But he didn't just come to visit... he came with an army of... CHOCOLATE. I've never seen (and tasted) so much good chocolate in my life! We even had trouble stacking it on the table to take a picture. In my eyes, it looked like he bought a hundred dollars worth of chocolate. But, to my surprise, it cost him less than half of that. Apparently chocolate is really cheap up in Germany!

My roommate has been telling me about Europe's huge (chocolate and food) gastronomy all year long. They have a ton of varieties of food, and a lot them like to cook. Well I feel that's a pretty good match with me. I love to eat!

So If I can manage to pull a fast one, I just might be able to see what Germany is all about next summer. I already know what my parents will say. But with many strategic negotiation sessions, lot's of 12 hour shifts at work, and excellent grades (gotta work on that), I just might be able to pull it off.

Current Mood: hyper from chocolate
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
3:57 pm
Are the habs going to make the playoffs?!?
They better! But right now, it looks a bit sketchy. Here's the thing, we need to be in 8th place or higher in our conference (eastern conference) to make the playoffs. At the begenning of the week, we were clinging onto the 8th position with one point (one game) holding off the Atlanta Thrashers from slipping into the 8th position. We kick started our week with a sketchy, unstable win against the Washington Capitals (4-2). Unfortunately, this win did not give us any gain on the Trashers, since they also won. But they didn't just win, they literally walked all over their opponents (Buffalo Sabres) with a 5-0 win.

Twenty four hours later, we (and our "rival" Trashers) were at it again. We were facing the New York Islanders (out of the playoffs and not doing that well) and the Trashers were facing the Boston Bruins (solid team, but also out of the playoffs). The underdog Trashers (in that game) ended up upsetting the Bruins, 5-4. On our end, our shaky performance landed us a 3-1 loss, and we were kicked down to 9th place.

But, we were not down and out, and we showed that during Thursday game. We took on the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Atlanta took on the New Jersey Devils. We landed a spankin on the Leafs (5-1). But at the same time, the Trashers perceived to another upset, against the New Jersey Devils (6-5 in ot).

Tonight (saturday), we take on the Leafs once again (a must win). The Trashers pay a visit to the New York Islanders (which we, lost to earlier). It is crucial for us to win tonight! If we do, we give ourselves a very good chance to make the playoffs.

We currently have 75 points
The Trashers are holding us off with ONE POINT (76 points)

Everything is up in the air right now. In the end, the habs are so unpredictable, I don't think anyone can predict whether they'll be in the playoffs or not. But, even if they don't win, I always enjoy watching their games because most of the time they are seen as the underdogs, but somehow they always manage to pull something off to keep them in the game. That's what makes it so entertaining, to watch games with such a close scores. So when they do win, it makes it that much sweeter.

Current Mood: Playoff fever
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
9:55 pm
OO sweet sweet spring. I can feel it's around the corner. The time when the outdoors come back to life. More people are out, and overall spririts of people are going up. Spring to me, means so many things. Great skiing, great riding (atv), biking, the NHL playoffs, summer freedom around the corner :), the list goes on. Sometimes I wish we didn't have such long and harsh winters, but then again, they make spring and summer so ever much sweeter. From what i've seen, people here enjoy summer to it's fullest potential, much more than people down south (where warm weather is part of daily life at least 6 months a year). So I envy these two seasons who will be here before we know it.
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
9:01 pm
Two months to go!!
It hit me this morning, two month or so from now, i'm going to be in China!! That's a pretty wicked (good) feeling! Me and my girlfriend are going to get our tickets this week. You know, I figured it would expensive to get tickets to travel to the other side of the world. To my surprise and delight, the tickets are only 1,250 (including return ticket and tax)!!! I think that's pretty cheap, considering it used to cost my family and I almost a thousand dollars per ticket, to go from Montreal to Salt Lake City (Utah, USA). Then again i'm guessing it has to do with the demand of people wanting to go to China (China having a booming economy and a huge population/Salt Lake City being a city of a million people with an ok economy). As far as getting ready for this trip, i've started looking online to get tips and tricks when traveling to China. I've come across a couple interesting sites. One of them is a sort of forum for english teachers living in China. With such a rapid growing economy, China needs as many English teachers as it can get to communicate with the rest of the world. With such a high demand, a teacher can make as much as 7,000 renminbies a month!!! That's about 1,170 canadian dollars (depending on the current rate). Alright, $14,040 canadian dollars a year might not sound like a good deal to you, but think about it, the cost of living over there is really cheap. So think in renminbies, that's 84,000 a year! Not bad for an English teacher! Getting back to the actual site. It covers a lot of topics. Where to go, what to pack, how the culture is like (different from province to province), basically, things that are usually not mentioned in tour books (personal experience).

Here's the link:

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
2:57 pm
Update on potential Ubisoft class trip
Hey yall,
I got in contact with one of the directors at Ubisoft in order to organize a visit at the premises. I was told that the person in charge of such matters was currently traveling abroad, but would be back next week. I was also informed that visits of the Ubisoft premises were rare (in order to keep what they work on, private until release), but not necessarily impossible.

Therefore, I should know if it is possible for us to visit, around Tuesday (7th of March).
I'll keep yall posted when I'll get an answer.
Sunday, February 19th, 2006
6:08 pm
Anyone familiar with xbconnect?
XBconnect is a software that makes your xbox (or PS2) think it is on a local area network. This allows you to play any xbox game that lets you play through system link (two xboxes hooked up with a RJ-45 LAN cable) You simply download it from the internet.


Plug your xbox (with a RJ-45 LAN cable) to either a router, hub, or a second NIC card (with the other NIC card being connected to "the internet")Create a home network to tie it all up. Start your xbox game, go to the system link screen. Start up XBconnect, choose the game your looking to play. Choose your player's title, and off you go. The only thing for me, i'm not sure that my internet connection allows me to play on XBconnect. I get my internet through the John Abbott Residence LAN. I think their firewall is somehow blocking XBconnect. Does anyone have any idea how I could get this problem solved?

Btw: XBconnect is completely legal

Current Mood: energetic
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
10:02 am
Free the children
I just joined a club named "Free The Children" at John Abbott. This club is part of an organization based in Toronto. It's purpose is to raise charity for children that are less fortunate. The difference between this charity though, is that the funds go towards giving children education in third world countries (ex: Equador, Kenya, Sierra Leone, China, and Sri Lanka). It is an effective solution to help third world countries support themselves and pull themselves out of poverty. A couple of students out of this group and I are going to create an advertisement campaign for this club. If any of you are interested in helping raise money to help these children, you can get more info on


or if you would like any more info on our specific project, please contact me through the posts.
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
4:07 pm
My visit of hell to Ikea
I just came back from my first visit to this new "super Costco" of furniture and home appliances, Ikea. I have to warn you, it gets hectic in there! Especially on the weekend. My girlfriend, family, and I went there on a casual saturday to see if we could find furniture for my sister's soon to come little boy. But as soon as I stepped foot in that place, I knew it wouldn't be like any visit to a future shop, zellers, or any wal mart I had ever been in. The weird thing was, the first thing we did (along with everyone else) was take the elevator and head to the "food court" to eat some sort of european meat ball meal. That was really out of the blue. We then began to browse around, but it seemed like we were in a traffic jam, literally bumper to bumper. There must've been around at least 1000 people in that store. My dad and I lasted around 20 minutes in there. At this time we made a break for it (letting my mom, girlfriend, and sisters do their thing). We decided to head to good old future shop! But the store layout was really laid out like a maze. It was almost impossible to find the exit, or a direction to the exit anywhere. One section led us to another pointless section. Finally around 15 minutes later we found a sign that pointed us to freedom! I find Ikea is a pretty good store for young families, soon to become families, or even students. It's a good idea. But honestly, I don't think I ever want to go back. Or if I do go back, i'll go for something specific next time!
Friday, January 27th, 2006
11:42 pm
Forgot about the link!
Sorry about that, forgot to post my link up.
Here you go


This is a site that is full of humourous clips.
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
12:26 pm
Good presentation!
I wasn't expecting a presenter to show up this morning in advertising copy class. To tell you the truth I think that was a really interesting presentation. For him to share his experience of going from PDHT to the "real" world opened my eyes. The thing that really struck me the most,out of the whole presentation, was that we really need to become excellent presenters. We could have all the computer skills in the world, but if we don't know how to present our work to our bosses, coworkers, clients/audiences, it's almost like we are asking to work harder for less. I think in the business that we are going into, communication is a major key to success. It seems we have already focussed on most of the software aspect of PDHT, it's now time for the business side of it (advertising copy, project management, website management, small business record management, ect.) In the end PDHT educates us on a wide range of topics. It doesn't specify on a couple, this let's us see what subjects catch our interests. This leaves us with a good possibility to go right into the work force or to specify (university or professinal school) into one of those "subjects" that PDHT might have openened our eyes to.

By the way, if any of you are interested, I might be able to get us a visit at the Ubisoft studios.
I have a cousin that works in politics here in Montreal, and he is a good friend with one of the directors over there.

Let me know, and i'll see if we can organize something

Also, if anyone does not have a group for the tradefair (either in our class or our parallel class) me (Marc-Andre) and Jesse have an extra spot in the group.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
11:32 am
Back to school!!
Here we go again... another semester of school. It ain't that bad. Actually i'm kind of glad to be back and going again. I would not of minded staying on vacation for an extra month, but the way I see it, i'd prefer getting more time off during this summer than the winter! Especially this one coming up! My girlfriend is taking me to her home country, China! So i'm pretty stoked about that! Her mom works for a university alianced with the railroad system over there. So that means that she'll be able to get us better deals to travel by train, along with her many friends all over the country who have already invited us to stay at their place! Chinese people seem very welcoming!

Anyways, I look foward to that trip. But for now, I have to focus on spiking up my crc score so that I can have some "financial assistance" to go!

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